Bring Your Camera

Bring your camera.
Save The Day!

This was from a walk we took a few years ago. I don’t get out as much as I used to due to the way my body feels these days. I sure miss the days when we used to go for walks and have fun enjoying the outdoors.

Bring your camera. Take a photo. Better yet, bring your camera and create a memory that lasts a lifetime. You have to create that perfect moment, and the perfect time. You can do it. I know you can.

The Importance of Being

The importance of being earnest.
To be loved!

Some say that in the end no one cares. However I would like to change that. Is my present situation the cosmic joke or the results of past life that I was unkind? Therefore because life is cruel, I sure would like to turn this around and make it better.

Do what you can today to make life better for someone else. Hugs and love goes a long ways. Don’t make life a living death or a living hell. We have to leave this world better than we found it, because it doesn’t belong to those who are screwing it up.

Rock On!!!!

Rock ON!
Rock On Darling!

There are rocks that haven’t seen daylight in weeks. What’s a rocks goal? What dream do rocks have that we’re lacking? Rocks are hard, long lasting, and multi-use tools. If you don’t have one, My suggestion is that you get a few. It’s always good for a paper weight.

Tell me why….

Why do I feel like everyday is Monday…

Why is it that I feel so alone and isolated? I’ve not had a wife and family that I spend time with. It’s difficult because I also do not have like minded people to spend time with that are creative types.

Life feels like living in a vacuum, and somehow I don’t understand why I’m not able to advance in life as a being, as a person, as someone that understands life better than most; I feel most people don’t understand my connection with my soul that leads me to different beliefs.

Fairy Tales

Recipe for Disaster
Everyone Fails At Something…

There are a lot of times people fail. Most often it’s a result of people giving up when they should press forward with going on. Don’t give up on your hopes and dreams.

Everyone goes through some tough times, God knows that I have. I’m still here and trying, still fighting forward. Be yourself, and own your junk. Take full responsibility for you actions and your junk. Own it!! 

Tighten It UP

It’s time to make life better for everyone. For sure. 

Tighten It Up! by Christopher Thomas on

This photo was taken a few years ago, I like the yellow in the flower. I wish it was a little cleaner than it is. Likely taken in the back yard in the house I live in. You can do some cool stuff in Photoshop if you just want to try.

The point is you have to be willing to try….

Sinner Joke

Sinner Joke
Sinner Joke

If we had a dime for every time someone had sinned we would be rich. Too bad the good is only worth a penny. I would rather have a billion pennies than five million dimes. 

I’m bored. Some joke they have played on me, and the tune isn’t funny any more. It’s too bad that I could have made an impact, or been the change. All they really care about is another gospel. I’m not that good of a writer and my efforts to be such have fallen flat.

Maybe enough faith will make dead trees rise. I feel sorry for this old, tired tree that was labeled a “Sinner” because he didn’t live like everyone else. But tree’s should only have one wife and be selective on who they let perch in their branches. We don’t want no tree’s that are friends with the crow.

Heather Feather..


What was needed and what was produced are not the same thing. It’s too late now to correct it. Your results may differ, or be completely different, however the results we have obtained do not work for the purpose that they were created.

I’m slightly disappointed that my results haven’t been better. I feel like such a failure for even having tried. Better to have tried and failed than never tried at all. Doesn’t matter, the end of the lines all go to the same place. 

Make your duck soup and enjoy it. If that’s your thing, and you like soup, then just remember I won’t be having any. Duck tastes bad, and isn’t my favorite. But it’s better than rat stew. 

You can read my blog: or visit my website:: Neither will bring you joy.

Buy an iPad!

You can do it. See what you can do with one.

My opinion doesn’t really matter. In five years no one will care I even mentioned it. I hope you all get the life you so desperately want to have. Even if that means a world devoid of living like you should. Life without music is a mistake. But life without art would be hell. I hope you can still see the color in the sky when it’s over with.

I feel worthless and useless. No one listens. Does anyone notice? No one cares, No one reads. When no one calls. It’s been this way a long time. It doesn’t matter now. I should have written a gospel. Too late for that now. But maybe they would have loved me.

I’m sorry I let you all down. It could have been great. What if it could have been grand. Too bad it’s not done yet. Maybe someday. Maybe never.

I’m very sorry I made this crappy graphic. I was in hurry and should have done a better job at my work. This graphic is total crap. I should have done better. You only have time to do it right once.

[epic fail]

Website Updates…

In the last two weeks I have dedicated a large amount of time to improving my website. This has been through making the typesetting and design more appealing. Hopefully this effort has been successful and you will notice the enhancements?

I hope that you like what I have been up to, and how things are looking. It’s been a lot of work and it’s my hope that you will be willing to provide some feedback. What I want to know about is how the site looks and the general usefulness of the site.

If there are more changes that need to be made, let me know what you think needs to be improved and what you don’t like about the current design.

Check out the rest of my site and let me know what you think about the design and how I’m doing with making it all work. Some people have been really critical of my past designs. I’m hoping for a little more constructive feedback about what I’m doing. Thanks.

Make Life Kind Again…

Getting busy? Stop wasting time.

This life seems to be a place where people only understand two things about anything in the whole world. It’s sad that they don’t have minds bigger than their stomachs. 

I wish people would begin to understand deeper thoughts, and possibilities exist, not just for the few, but for everyone. They say the Kingdom of God is not in just one man, but all men. Too bad they have such small minds that they can not understand what is possible.

Have Some Fun!

Find the time to make it live.

This is an old photo from a few years ago that I edited while thinking about some of the problems in today’s world. How people fail to communicate in today’s society and everyone that is creative is screaming for attention.

It seems our screams are but whispers in a wind tunnel that can’t be heard and do we even deserve to be heard? Maybe the populace doesn’t deserve to have their voices heard. No one heard my screams for help.

Maybe they will understand the fire?

Work in progress…

Written Words.

Are my words worthless rubbish that will just be ashes in years? I’m treated like my words are just text on a screen no one will ever read and that I’m better off never saying a word. 

What is value? Entertainment or logical? Does it even matter if no one will ever read them? I have ideas. They are my thoughts about life. Do you know how to make it better for everyone? If they would just listen.

Take Your Time

Take your time...
Take your time, Do it right the first time. It’s faster….

I’m working on making something better. I hope that you will be patient with me while I get everything worked out and make something cool.

Everything takes time, but it’s doing quality work that counts.