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Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

The Problem:

Life has some problems, some of them are serious. There has been a steady de-valuation of human life for some time. These problems are likely caused by supply and demand, or the lack thereof. Seems the supply of humans is high, and the demand is low. Thus, they have lost some of their value; much to their harm.

Seems the book “Snow Crash” by Neil Stephenson is starting to ring true today; the world has been reduced to: Movies, Music, Micro-code, and High Speed Pizza Delivery. That doesn’t leave much room for anything else in life to grow.

The obvious choices we once had for respecting people for skill, or talent have fallen far from people’s minds. Today, they care nothing about effort, skill, or talent. With that in mind, here are some species that are going to go extinct.

  1. Photographers
  2. Graphic Artists
  3. Authors
  4. Web Designers
  5. Poets
  6. Desktop Publishing

Just as forty years ago, printing was a booming business, today you would be hard pressed to find someone with a printing press. It seems the days of yesterday have vanished right before our eyes.

There needs to be some value, even if artificial to the creative trades that support many thousands of people today. Seems, there has been little value placed on really living. Most today are content with just existing, and have been existing like zombie cat shit.

That is no way to live. Some people say, “Be content just existing.” This is really a very harmful way to think. If one were to be content with just existing in any fashion available, life would be reduced to a prison cell; where people sit on a toilet in front of a big screen television, while eating and shitting simultaneously. We don’t want that kind of uniformity.

Life has to get better, and right quick. Something has to be done to make life better for everyone. There has to be some value placed on those in the creative arts, because that is where the future is at. Otherwise, employment will be reduced to nothing more than adult day care where they pay you to attend.

There has to be value in what we do, most people don’t understand the level of effort it takes to be really good at something. Most people are content with just so-so work, and content with entertainment that is just average.

The problems with the devaluation of life can not be tolerated, something has to be done to bring meaning, and value back into our lives. There are so many broken people in this world, that it’s going to take a miracle to heal them.

Really something has to change for the better. It has been rough going a long time. Most people today; they are all hurting. Who will help fix their pain, and make life better?

Really, people have to start being kind again. It has been far too long since people really cared about others. It is time for something to happen that changes all this. We have to start to see the value the creative arts have in our lives.

You don’t want to be content with just existing, because just existing with what ever conditions they will give you, wouldn’t make life better. Really we have to feel like we have some value in life. Our lives matter, and should be respected. Hence, something has to be done to make life better.

Society has lost its way in this world, people are not functional, and have not been having any fun. Really, we have to start having some fun with it. People are so polarized, it is starting to harm everyone that is living. Who can survive?

We have to be more than warm sacks of shit. However, it seems that is what they are trying to reduce us into being. If nothing else, the things that set us apart, are our talent, skill, and effort we put forth. Machines will never really have those things. Good thing too!

Do what you can, while you can do such. Life has to change, for the better. You know?

Photo Credit: Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!


Total Crap

This video was a project today. Kinda bored, not much going on. This video is total crap, I know; so you don’t have to tell me my shit is shit. You know?

Yet, here it is. It will waste eight minutes of your life, with no real purpose or meaning. Thus, if you are bored, you can watch it.

Not much going on. Waiting for it.

Bored, so damn bored. Isolation sucks. Not much going on.

Maybe it will get better? You never know, life has its ways. Maybe things will change, you never know. Wish it were better. Needed better about ten years ago, although; it’s better than it was, it is still not great. Wanted great!

Enjoy wasting your time.



A Cage: This Vacuum

I didn’t have many needs, despite the fact I have lived in poverty for twenty years. The needs I did have were pretty important that they be met, seems no one could give a damn!

This isn’t to happen like this again. The problems I’ve had to deal with, are not acceptable; not for me, not for anyone. Life should be better than this, for everyone!

There is no excuse for the way they have treated me. It has been unkind, and cruel. It seems, they didn’t care. Which really makes me think this has extended into actual abuse. It is certainly torment having to live like I am. Does psychological torment equal torture?

What is truth?

Someone Once Said:

Not much going on, this isolation, tough stuff. Damn tired of it.

Twenty years, same crap; different day!!


Don’t Just Exist – Be Creative

Strive To Inspire

Life can be rough, you have to do what you can. It helps when you are working for the right reasons. Being creative adds a lot of enjoyment to life, and makes life better.

If you are not being creative, start today! Here are some ideas for creative things you can do that might help inspire someone else.


By using your mind to write, you can learn a great deal. Learning how to write can be a very rewarding activity. It will benefit you in the long run, and make your life better. By writing you can grow, and help shape the world around you. Regardless if you are writing poetry, or just journaling, there is a lot of rewards from writing.


If you pick up the paints, and practice, you can learn to do a lot. Being an artist doesn’t mean you have to create masterpieces every time on the first time. However, through practice, you might get what you want. Painting has it’s own rewards, and there is a feeling that comes with it. You never know until you try.


Learning to take really good photographs is a very rewarding past time. There is so much that you can do with photography, the possibilities are endless. There are no real limits with what you can learn to photograph, and it never really gets boring.


Learning to make music is great! You can really grow by making music, you will learn a lot, and maybe have some real fun with it. Making music will be very rewarding. Start today, you will be happy you did at some point, it will make your life better.

Visual Arts

You can have some real fun doing creative things visually. Making video, or editing video is a challenge. This kind of goes with photography, but it is a different skill set. You might enjoy learning how to do this, start today!

Inspire Others

If you have creative friends in life, then you have some people to look up to for creative inspiration. If you don’t have anyone to look up to for creative inspiration, then be an example yourself and work towards being a light in a dark place by being creative.

It can be a lonely road to travel, you have to do what you can. Work to be a source of inspiration, because the world needs your work. Help make life better, and help break this cage down until it’s no longer in existence.

Someone Once Said:

If you are not being an inspiration, then you’re just existing. Do more than live to get drunk, or have fun. Start being creative, and tear this cage down. Getting to a point, that life makes more sense again.

Somewhere there is a path for you, seek to find your path. Be creative and tear this cage down. Seek to inspire your people, by giving them something to look up to.


Do what you can to be inspiring. You will make your life better, and maybe other people’s lives better too, in the process you will grow, learn, and maybe inspire others to try their hands at being creative.

Find the time, start today!

Photo Credit: Photo by Christopher Windus on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!


Life Sucks!

This life

The isolation sucks. No one cared. This world is empty. The humans in this world are all AI bots, they are mindless sacks of shit. They are nothing more than living clay with spirits dead. They are not real living beings. They treat me like shit, and I am tired of the abuse.

Wanted a lot better. Bored with the way life is. This should have changed by now. It’s not any different. Isolation is all I know. Wish it were going better. No one to talk with. No one to spend time with me. The way things are going, damn tired of being alone like I am.

They don’t seem to give a shit. It doesn’t bother them; guess, its not any skin off their nose. Bored with the way things are. Tired of being like this. Not living my life. This life is a living death. They live like damn zombie cat shit. They are sick. Damn the world like it is.

No one here is really living. Damn tired of the world like it is. No one seems to care, they don’t listen, they don’t read. They don’t think. They couldn’t put thoughts together to save themselves.

Pity. This has to stop. It has to end. This has gone far enough. The damn farce has to end. This shit must stop. I’m tired of the way things are. Wanted a lot better. Bored. So damn bored.

Here is a photo. This was a few years back, maybe ten, fifteen years ago. I’m thinking, this life has been rough going a long time. It is time for a vacation. Hate the world like it is. The human race sucks.

Joshua Tree Circa 2008

Bored. So damn bored. The isolation. Its strange, it doesn’t bother them to be alone. They are not even real. Otherwise, these conditions would never be acceptable. Not ever.

You would think, if someone brought it to their attention, they could have fixed this crap. It’s been twenty years of this, nothing is better. It is still the same shit, different day.

Bored. Needed life to change. Maybe they will get what is coming to them? Maybe! Tomorrow Wendy. . . Concrete Blond

Not sure why this is like it is, you would think; they would listen? I guess, its too difficult for them to listen. Maybe they shouldn’t be in charge of anything, and never anything important. Damn the human race. They are ruthless cruel. I wanted a lot better.

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LifeStyle On Edge – Thoughts On A Pretty Good Day

On being like a tree

After a pretty good day, with nothing worse than a mild headache, it seems there are days that this living death is more bearable. Progress was made, and I’ve been thinking today about potential.

Well thinking about potential, and how to define success. Seems there are ways we forget what really matters. To be happy, sometimes we get close, so very close; yet it seems just not close enough.

The difference between genius and insanity is success.

Albert Einstein

How one defines success can be subjective. What is one persons success is someone else’s nightmare. Might depend upon what movies you watch. You know?

Been thinking about my definitions of what it means to me. I was out back smoking a cigarette, when an idea struck me. It didn’t hurt, as a matter of a fact, I laughed about it. The idea was this: working a nine to five job; is basically daycare where they pay you to be there.

In a world of alternative facts, it helps sometimes to have something concrete to measure by. I wonder what people in life really think? Seems so many today are close to success, they are close to being happy, close to being alive; yet, the distance is overwhelming to them.

How can you be so close, yet feel so unhappy? Seems the stuff that makes us happy, is elusive sometimes. And you think, someday; I’m going to catch that feeling.

Sometimes, my days are more productive than a dozen monks contemplating their navels. Other times, my days don’t get me very far. It seems, this lifestyle is on the edge of being close to what I want, yet; not close enough. There is no glass ceiling; however, there are some hard limits to what I can do.

Trying to work with what I have. Sometimes, I think about what I could do, or should be doing. I’m better off sometimes, with what I am doing. There is a sense of accomplishment from what I do. And the feeling that happiness is near, not far off. So close.

If you don’t count what you could have, or what you need; then where you are could be better than a lot of other options. I’ve given some thought to those who are happiest, and it seems those who need the least; while having all of their needs met, would be the best off.

I have some needs, not a lot. I’ve thought about how to make do with less. There are some parts of modern life, it’s not possible to live without. You shouldn’t even try.


When a person has some comfort, and it suffices; then what more could one really need?

The problem is when comfort is lacking, and nothing will satisfy. The person that is happiest, is the ones that are the most content. But too much comfort is a burden. So there has to be balance.

Thus, how does one define success?

Those that are the most content, with the necessary comforts, without having burdens that are difficult.


Then again, one persons success would be another persons living hell. So there is difference of what works for each person. The secret is to find your spot without getting yourself into trouble.

Use good judgement. To each their own. Do not oppress your fellow men. Make life good for yourself while doing no harm to others of your kind.

Hence, I’ve learned something new. Or at least; explored a way to think about it. Having the philosophy to reason on, and the ideas lined up that make the most sense; that is the battle.

Seems, I could be happy; a lot has to change, somethings need to stay the same. There is no pleasing everyone all the time. Variety is important, and if you neglect it; you will be less happy.

This way of looking at it, makes sense to me. What do you think? Can you see the reason in the rhyme? But if you take a good look at my life, would you say: “He is successful?”

Maybe this life is training for us? You have to make good use of everything! Take the good training you get and put it to work for you, and the bad training you get; don’t do that junk.

Training twice as hard as real life would ever be.

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Andrew Liu on Unsplash

This article was inspired by the article found here: Proximity Be sure to watch the video, it is really something!


Projects In The Pan

Looks like I’m a happy camper; there are a few projects in the pan, and on the fire this week. Not that my projects are on fire, but at least they are on the burner for something to be doing.

Been working on solving some problems, some of them need solved. Not sure the best way to execute my solutions right now. Need a clear path to success. Been thinking about what success means to me.

At what level should one base their success upon? From where I’ve been coming from, this would look like success to me. Yet, I still do not believe I’ve reached the full height of what could be done. There is still a lot more work to be done.

Took my portrait today. Looking at how things are changing. There have been some changes made, a lot of them for the better. How much is enough? At what point does it ever become enough for me?

Christopher Thomas

I’ve been working on something. It isn’t ready yet, maybe soon. I’m not sure if my meaning will come from what I do, it seems I’m not as useful as I would like to be. Somehow, I have to make a difference in life, and I’m not going to settle for ordinary.

What makes a person extraordinary? What qualities would someone have to have to be more than ordinary? Seems, some people will only continue to hate, despite what is good for them.

Yeah, but I want to be loved. I guess, it is necessary to show some love first. That is something that I read recently. I wonder, because a lot of people have been turning me away, yet I’m not being mean, nor rude. The human race seems to be confused.

How do we make them understand that life has to change for the better? Something has to be done to help people adapt to the changes that need made. But how?

People don’t like discomfort, nor do they like pain. So there has to be a way to adapt to change that isn’t painful, with the least amount of discomfort possible. Yet, they don’t give a rats ass about my discomfort, nor the pain I’ve been in. Seems like the standards they hold only apply to themselves.

I’m not sure what projects are going to come my way, yet I’m doing what I can with what I have. There needs to be something that makes my life extraordinary, more than just living like zombie cat shit. That isn’t the lifestyle I want for myself.

It is important to take care of yourself, and be kind in the process. Sometimes, you have to take care of other people, because by showing love, you can receive love. What is truth?

What I know, this vacuum holds me tight, the isolation, and the way people ghost me; doesn’t make my life better. Seems, the human race has some lessons to be learned. I wish, that they would wake up to what life could be like for everyone. We are living in times, that could be really great, if it were being managed correctly.

Not much going on, snow day today. Waiting for a miracle.

Christopher Thomas

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Philosophical Empowerment

Make Yourself Better!

Through reason, one can improve their life. You have to understand, without being able to reason, nothing else is of value. Or has very little value for very short periods of time. The mess society finds itself in today; what a mess!

phi·los·o·phy /fəˈläsəfē/ noun the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, the world it seems is however, really dumber than rocks. Pity! You would think, people would have some values in life. Seems what they value doesn’t hold much real meaning.

You have to wonder, if things that have the most meaning would have the most value? If so, does it really have value; or just the superficial belief that something has value? I’ve seen people try to pull the wool over our eyes before. So what gives?

I’m bored, hence the need to do some writing; despite the fact, no one is reading my work. Wish it were going better, I needed some encouragement to keep this insane pace going. Seems, no one will give a damn. How does a person change their life? How do you take something broken, and make it right? At what point does it not make it worthy of doing? How much is enough?

Seems a little broken can be mended, or healed. But breaking your dishes might mean you have to get new dishes. What if your heart is broken? Maybe you will find someone that will make it better, maybe with time, it will heal somewhat.

Be Wise, Live Smart!

There are some things that are difficult to heal from. You want to avoid those things as much as possible. Because being really broken is not going to be fun, pleasant, or fulfilling. It’s better to get what enjoyment you can from life without doing real damage to yourself.

That said, there are some things you want to avoid at all costs. Anything that makes it difficult to think now, or in the future may not be advantageous to your long term interests.

You want to take care of your long term interests, so that they may reward you someday in the future. That would be showing some sign of wisdom. You want to be wise, right?

Take care of yourself. Suffering because you didn’t isn’t smart. You want better than that, if you can possibly avoid it; do such at all costs.

Better to think a little more than they want you to, then not think at all. You know? Sometimes, people lead you down the wrong rabbit hole, because they are ruthless cruel. Beware! Have some care. Know the difference, so you can live to tell the tale.

Use your mind, and empower yourself beyond what most of the herd is doing. You have to get smart, like right quick; before its too late!

In short; don’t use drugs in this life, or this world. It’s not worth the hassle. If they screw your mind up, the cost if far too high, and recovery is almost impossible. You got stuff to do, and a lot more to live for than what comes with that ball of wax.


Empower yourself through philosophical reasoning. The benefits in the long run, will be worth more than gold. And you can thank me for the advice, because you will be a lot happier in the long run too!

Hope this clears up some of the issues in your head. At least on these subjects. There is a lot to cover, read my whole blog to learn more. You will be happy you did!

Photo Credit: Photo by Yasuo Takeuchi on Unsplash

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!


Start Living Your Life Better – Stop Living Like Zombies

Today’s post will be an audio post, seems no one is reading these days; maybe someone will listen instead? You never know, life has to get better, life has to change for the better.

This was today’s project. Not much going on, same crap, different day. Maybe we should give ourselves a good talking to, and move on.

mydigitalchaos · Start – Living – Better

It is time to wake up. Stop living like zombie cat $#!T. You got to make life worth living, and having lived. Do what you can, while you can. Move along, and keep thinking free!

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Accomplishments This Year

Here is a rundown of my year so far to date.


This year has been busy. I’ve done a lot in a short period of time. More than most people do in an entire year. Below are the things I’ve been working on this year.


This year, I have made six videos. Some of them turned out really pretty good. Not that anyone noticed, they didn’t care.


Countless hours working on websites: Below are some of the stuff I’ve been doing with my websites.


  • Added Like Buttons to gallery photos
  • Added Cookie Consent Banner
  • Algorithm For Did You Know Posts
  • CSS Theme Switcher
  • Javascript Jump Menu php, MySQL
  • BETA coin flip written in PHP
  • CSS media queries for different devices
  • Lazy load images for Gallery photos and Gallery
  • Graphic redesign for footer
  • Added Page For Books with links
  • Solved Javascript onload problems

My Day (This site moved) now at:

  • Designed Entire Site
  • Programmed entire site from scratch
  • Made photo upload pages, and edit page
  • Lazy Load for images on most pages
  • List View and worked out dates for grouping
  • Footer pages
  • By-Day pages with only that days photos
  • Pagination of By-Day pages
  • Cron Jobs Written

Misfit-Writers – Not Finished

  • Wrote Journal App in php
  • Made auto save javascript for database
  • programmed entire site from scratch
  • ToDo: Multi User Functions

There is a lot more I’ve done, but this is what I’m willing to talk about.


This year I have written 32 blog posts for Some of them are pretty good. They all have a photo attached with them, and have been carefully written and edited.

  • Thinking Outside The Box
  • Notes From Earth
  • Set XYZZY
  • Visions For The Future – Essay
  • Visions For The Future – The Problem With Progress Today
  • Do Something Great
  • It’s Time To Wake Up
  • Writing Levels And How To Go From Average To Great
  • A Life I Used To Have
  • A Little Racy
  • Thoughts About Value, Meaning, and Being of Worth To Others
  • What Is Advantageous?
  • Creative Arts – In Peril Or Ready To Bloom?
  • Shot In The Dark
  • More Dog Balls
  • One World Government
  • Get Your Creative Seeds and Long Term Inspiration
  • How To Be Successful With Your Journals
  • Posse Bonus Post
  • Depressed because of bots, buggers, and Digital Oppression
  • Why Quality Food Matters and Makes Life Enjoyable
  • Humans Are Shameful
  • Digital Lifestyle of A Geek
  • Today’s Lesson: Quiet Introspection
  • Quick Note
  • High Rise Of The Mind
  • Classical Corner: Music To Sleep With
  • What I Want
  • From A Dark Place
  • 8 Steps To Beautify Your Heart, Mind, and Soul
  • In The Flux
  • A Brief Guide On How To Write


I’ve taken photos for myself, and my websites. Some of them turned out pretty well. I’ve developed skill and talent with taking photos.

I’ve also done some custom artwork, and a little painting.


This year is off to a great start. Maybe the momentum will continue to build. Maybe I can make something good that people will use. I hope to gain some skills, and talent from what I’m doing.

Check them out.

Written by: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Persnickety Prints on Unsplash


Bored, Again. . .

Not much going on. Life, this life they live and seem to enjoy; it is not really living. It is more of a living death, they however seem to enjoy it a great deal. To each their own.

Been almost busy. Been working on a project. It is coming along. I am kind of taking my time with it. Maybe just enjoying building it. It was however kicking my butt for a week, that pesky javascript can be a real pain in the butt to learn when you don’t understand how it works.

I am however, starting to get the hang of it. Yea! I have made a lot of progress in the last four years. If you saw where I was at a few years ago, and compared to where I am today; it is a big difference.

I guess, it is something to be proud of, having come so far. It has taken a lot of time, and effort. It is good, because it has given me something to do. I couldn’t imagine what life would have been like otherwise.

Need to start doing a lot more photography. Something has to start getting a lot better. The times they are rough, you got to be tough to make it work.

I have been making it work. Such is life. Not much going on. So damn bored. This isolation has been kicking my butt so much worse than javascript ever did me.

Life is. Things are. Deal with it!

Not much going on. People seem to be ghosting me. Kind of have hurt feelers over the whole thing. This isn’t the right way to have treated me. Feeling like, damn it. This life.

Wish it were going better. I could use some company.

Be more!

The world is a twisted place. Live best you can. Someone has to start making life better for everyone, you know?


New Video In The Flux

My Digital Chaos has a new video out, check it out. This was some fun to make, not much going on. Life is very quiet these days, which some people feel is a good thing.

At least the coffee is good these days.

In The Flux – My Digital Chaos

Here is the video embedded from YouTube. Enjoy. Check out my other websites, and see my day in photos at: My Day.

Something has to change, and right quick. You know?

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A Brief Guide On How To Write

The Basics In A Nutshell

In simple terms, writing is thinking for your audience. They are going to have to think every word you write. Therefore, your authors voice has to be easy and gentile enough that the reader can understand it.

People in general, they don’t like to have to think too much. So if your writing can be a guide to helping them think, so much the better. However, your authors voice has to be enjoyable to endure thinking what you say.

In the simple terms, you have to make a nice thoughts connected with enough thoughts that the reader can picture, and sense the environment you want them to experience.

So write nice, and make the reader enjoy thinking what you write. If you can write clearly, then the reader will enjoy thinking what you wrote.


In simple terms, that is the idea in a nutshell. So be kind, write in such a way people will enjoy thinking what you wrote.

Written By: Christopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Matias North on Unsplash