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How To Spot People That Seem Good, And Are Really Toxic

In today’s world a person needs good survival skills. It is easy to get people that have toxic traits and think they are okay people. A lot of people today, are only self validated; and they all think they are great!

The trouble comes when they think they are great, and really very toxic people that aren’t good at all. Let’s examine a few ideas about this. I will try to illustrate the ideas with some kind of reasonable example you can follow.

Example 1:

A nice Christian woman goes to a national park, and she see’s many kinds of wildlife while she is in the park. She see’s bears, and birds of all kinds. A moose, and a bob cat. Then when leaving the park, she see’s a wolf. And she really likes the wolf, and she decides she wants one of her own.

So the woman goes out and acquires a wolf of her own. But she doesn’t like its behavior, she really wants it to act like a house cat. She isn’t happy with the wolf, because it doesn’t behave like a house cat. She has the wolf drugged against its will in an effort to make it live like a good house cat, because that is what she wants.

The wolf isn’t happy. The wolf hates living like a house cat. Doesn’t it seem immoral to drug a wolf against its will and try forcing it to live like a house cat? It is not in its nature to live like a house cat, it is a wolf, and wants to live like a wolf. It has something in its blood that being confined like a house cat goes against everything inside it.

Example 2:

Someone that has only had a cat their whole life, gets a dog. They think the dog is really bad, because it doesn’t behave like a house cat. They don’t know how to train it, they don’t know how to treat it right, and they hate the dog, because it doesn’t act like they want it to.

Maybe, the problem is not the dog? Maybe, the problem is the person that has the dog doesn’t know how to train, treat, or handle a dog; when what they should have is house cat.

You can not expect a dog to live like a house cat. That just isn’t going to work. So what you can do, is not expect the same behavior from the two. They really are not the same kinds of animals.

Be Reasonable

Can you see the reason in this? Does it make sense? The first example seems like something that is immoral, because the expectations of the person went against the very nature of the wolf, and it is not logical, reasonable, or rational behavior on the part of the woman who wanted to keep a wolf like a house cat.

The second example is of just pure ignorance. Some people do not think, and can not reason that the two do not behave alike. Sometimes people have no experience, and should chalk it up as a learning experience. But please, don’t expect your dogs to behave like house cats. They are more than warm sacks of shit, and should be treated as such.

This article is about how to spot toxic people. So now that we have covered a few examples of things that are toxic, let’s examine some other ways people need to be aware of.

Those who try to control, manipulate, or change those who have natures different than themselves, should never expect a person to conform to their expectations. Something I saw today online, really made me think. It said: “A man that really loves you will change his behavior for you.”

Thinking about this, made me angry. If a woman doesn’t like a mans behavior; she should never get involved with him in the first place. End of story, full stop!

People that are good for each other, are good for each other. If they are not good for you, are you sure you aren’t trying to do something unnatural like make a wolf live like a house cat?

It would be just as immoral and unreasonable to expect a wolf to live like a house cat. So why do people expect someone to be different from their nature? It seems illogical to expect someone to change their ways for someone that isn’t going to love them for who they are inside. They either love everything about them, or they will grow to despise the person for who they are.

There is no real way to make a house cat understand this. They are illiterate, and couldn’t think past cat nip, tv, and preening to make them understand. They lack the capacity to understand it.

Pity, they should have never been allowed to be in control. People that only have solution rooted in politics, religion, and sobriety, do not understand, and will never understand. They are toxic people, who are best avoided. Learn from my mistakes, be careful who you trust. They will drug you if you disagree with them, and their ways. They will wonder why the wolf doesn’t exist like a house cat, and doesn’t like the treatment. And they get really upset if you complain about it. Maybe they were immoral to have done what they did in the first place.

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Thinking To Myself

This seems to be a futile effort. My writing for others is not going to make a difference; no one is reading. Maybe, I should find some pursuit that doesn’t involve chasing money, or women. I’m not even sure if such a thing is possible.

It certainly seems, no one is going to be chasing me. I’ve tested the waters, with a large number of failed efforts to reach the mind of people in this world, that maybe someone would listen?

It seems, if this writing is just for myself; maybe I should write what would be bringing me the most joy? Seems like it is an awful lot of effort to be disregarded. It has not changed, no one really gives a damn. I think, I have reason to believe; they only do it to hurt me.

They don’t want my work to be successful. Therefore, they set up situations where I will fail without any support. And there has been a large amount of indifference shown to what I’m working on.

Maybe my priorities are different then theirs? They seem to be far too busy to think that I will matter. So, they pay no never mind to my work. It is not respected as being of any value. I wonder, what it would take for them to listen to me? It would have to be something really special for them to pay attention.

I’ve struggled for years to make something of myself, and it seems at this point in my life; I’m just a failure of epic proportions. There are some things I’ve become very good at; yet, they are not regarded as being anything special. I think, I would like to get a second opinion.

Because what one person values, is worthless junk to someone else. But you will always find that one person who finds your worthless junk and believes its a real treasure.

I’m not sure if my junk is any good. It all seems to be something to do, but it doesn’t feel like I’m doing anything more than silently talking with myself. Most people are not paying attention, or couldn’t care either way.

So what matters? They value a specific political orientation, with a specific frame of mind, while nothing else will get them to listen. I have reason to believe; they are very narrow minded. Pity.

This system, this environment, its not working for what I want to use it for. It could have some use, maybe someday; if properly cared for. But there would have to be some major house cleaning done to make it better.

I’ve grown as a writer, in the last year my work has progressed a great deal. I would even dare to say it has become actually good. That may just be a matter of my opinion, but to each their own, you know?

I’m not sure what further progress I could make in a year, or five years. This vacuum seems to be holding me tight. There is no way to manually escape this cage. Seems, I’m stuck like this. I will say, it is less than pleasant.

My requests have all been denied. They just turn a deaf ear to my plea’s. As though, I’m not one of them. I wonder if it was them in my situation, how they would feel about having to live this life?

I wonder if they lived my life, if they would see a different side to the problem? Maybe they still wouldn’t care? I wonder!

The things that set us apart, is the difference between those that care, and those that don’t care at all. You would think, someone would have cared? Seems, you have to be really special for someone to care even a fraction.

This vacuum, and my progress, where will it end up going? Will it make a man of me someday? I don’t ever want to be human, may that never happen. Not ever!!

Yet, I wonder if this project will make me anything less or more than what I already have in myself. What good can come from it? Where is it going to end up? Seems there is but one end for all things, that of decay. It helps if one knows when to stop. But, how much is enough? That is a good question!

This article I found sparked a thought, maybe I’m thinking to myself, ever so silently. WRITING ? A SILENT TALKING TO ONESELF

Photo Credit: Photo by Klara Kulikova on Unsplash

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Trivial Effort: Saturday

Spent some time today watching clouds melt away. It doesn’t happen very often that you can watch clouds melting. That is not all that I did today. However, that may be the highlight of the day.

There was a project that I started, and completed today. It started with seeing some video on Instagram that someone else had made, and thinking: I want to make that. That has happened a few times now. This project made me think, learn, and grow a little bit.

Had to learn a few things about Adobe After Effects to make it happen, the learning curve took me a few hours to get the hang of it, and I think that I got some real results. It isn’t great, for my first project, it may be something I look back on and think, “hmm…”

Flux Of Chaos

This project is unlisted, but you can see it here, on my blog for now. It took me most of Saturday to make this video, including the time it took to render, and compress. I think uploading was the slowest part of the whole damn thing, it took forever to upload.

Wish we could get high speed uploads with our data plan. This three MB data uploads is for the birds. You would think we would have upload and download speeds that are about equal. I used to be a network engineer, I’m not without some understanding of how this stuff works. They are not being fair about the upload speed.

Not much going on. Wasting my life. Wasting my time. Waiting for my life to change; which is not ever going to happen. Seems I’m waiting for nothing. What a waste of life.

We have to start really living, and stop just existing like zombies. That lifestyle gets old in a hurry. There is much to be said for a simple life; yet, we have to feel alive while we are doing it. I want some real pleasure, that feels like pleasure; without the nasty side effects of having a hang over. Life seems like a damn load of punishment to me. Too much pain, hurt, and sorrow.

We could all use life to be a lot better. Do what you can. Be kind, you know. Someone needs to get with it. On the bounce!!

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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10 Ways To Style Your Life Like A Pro – The Basic Guide To Digital Holiness

What is good and what is not good?

Zen and The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance

Digital holiness. The most sought after holy grail there ever was. Seems, everyone has some dirty socks under the bed somewhere. Maybe, we should take the trash out more often? You can only hope your mother doesn’t see the photos from last weekend. Right= ?

How are you surviving these days? Are you getting enough fresh air, and some sunlight? There are days, this world feels like something out of some horror story. We seem to be living in someone else’s book of fiction; and I’m not sure that I’m enjoying it much!

You want to know something? With a smile and a wink, we make believe our poop doesn’t stink. It seems to be the norm, and some people actually enjoy it. Seems, the illusion is what people buy into. The most valuable to these humans seems to be those that sell the best illusions to the masses.

And, sometimes they seem true enough. Reputation matters, it seems in this world of dull cats everyone is using the cat box. They don’t like ferrel strays, and killing birds is not welcome.

Just look cute, and preen all day long. That looks good, and sells lots of boxes of chocolate. Someday, if you look good enough with a filter on your photo, they might let you sell pizza.

Hide your discontent, mask your boredom in a guise of clever talk about movies, and TV. Talk about that book everyone is reading, because that sounds really smart.

Never make your mind up, always in a state of flux. Life is just better with everything being unknown, and a mystery. Don’t pretend to know what life is about, actually be dumb enough not to know. That way, you can claim ignorance when the chopping block gets wet with blood.

Not like they matter, they aren’t one of us. It is someone else’s problem, not that we have to care about it. It doesn’t matter if no one cares about it, someone will invent a niche market to fill the void, where people pretend to give a damn. That way it looks like someone cares. We care a lot, see our sponsors?

Got a turtle-neck tee, and some groovy jeans. But my coffee better be iced, and look like nice. If you try, you might be better off with two stones in your pocket; because you need them more than me.

I’m bored with trying to entertain you. But it’s time to fake it; just a bit longer, because you want to know I made my word count, and don’t give a damn about my coffee temple.

Some nice thought, which was bought for ten cents at a thrift shop, found some new home in the wealthiest of home. Seems we are all in it for something, who does anything for nothing?

Some star, howling at the moon from light years away. They say, “your not so bright, we outshine you by a million miles.” But, what do they know, being just star stuff and lightyears away. Seems, they endure; some tragic tale of star crossed lovers and a mad world.

Earth divided, such an awful sound. The wicked ground. Better cover your phone, and buy another sound. You don’t want them to hear your new message sound if it isn’t cooler than a rocket.

But the log files know, where you been, what you saw. They all take their places, right next to you. Line up, like good digital bits; bow down before the one you serve, you are going to get what you deserve.

Some days, the bit bucket is full. Don’t you wish we could send everything in social media to /dev/null ? Maybe just for a day, we could stand outside, and think how nice to see the sky.

Some Sunday; we find a meetup; a cruel saloon. Where the whisky is ripe, and the beer is stale. You know the words to say, and honey; you might come with me. If you do. . .

Holy sacks of shit. We don’t want to live like damn zombies. Let’s take this serious, because it’s your God damn life, and you should get to live it!!!! Let’s go out, let’s keep going!!

Where is our minds, when we have forsaken even learning? What you know, is told by a database; some pseudo-random number. You would stand a better chance flipping a coin, maybe best two out of three.

Watch the river flow, ease my mind and soul. Humans come and go. These mountains never seem to get tired. They have been here a long time. Where the trees grow, and the water moving gracefully and slow.

This was a product of great boredom and an effort to waste your time. Maybe you will wake up feeling better than before. Why not go where eagles dare? Get up, and get moving!!

Before it’s far too late.

Written by Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

Photo Credit: Photo by Marcos Paulo Prado on Unsplash

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What Should We Value, Honor, and Respect As Beings In This World?

Where is the honor, respect, and kindness in this world?

This world has some problems. A lot of people have been de-valued, to the point most people can not get much respect these days.

Respect is defined as admiring someone for their abilities, qualities, or achievements. It seems, achievements without qualities isn’t worth much, if anything. So there has to be a careful balance of all the variables. Really someone with abilities that are beyond normal, with qualities that are above average, and achievements that stand out; that is someone to respect in this world.

Seems some of the variables have been tainted. Because most everyone sets out with the expectation of making a certain amount of money in their lifetimes. The standards that have been set says that everyone should try to make a million dollars to live off when they retire. And people set that goal, then act completely ruthless to reach their goals.

It seems like this standard has been carefully crafted, to make society perform in specific ways. And it is working very well. The problem is, most people don’t care about what is really best anymore; they allow their greed, or envy to dictate how they should behave.

Really, we have to get back to doing what is best for everyone. As long as people are stabbing each other in the back, society will continue to be a ruthless place to exist. Really these conditions don’t make a civilized culture.

One of the problems in my opinion is that of supply and demand. The supply of humans is very high, while the demand is very low. We need a way to work the variables out so that we don’t harm the supply of important ingredients, while reducing the supply of humans to a modest level.

Seems people don’t respect effort, skill, or talent these days. It might be because the supply is great, and the demand is low. Therefor the value goes down by a significant amount. Much that once had value, has been de-valued. It seems, our lives are nearly worthless trash these days. And that should never be the case. Not ever.

Most people are just existing, the majority of people are not really living. And they are content with just existing, like warm sacks of shit. Maybe that is important to them? Seems there has to be something that can be done to bring value and meaning back into our lives; to make life better for everyone!

Without value, and purpose; people will continue to just exist like warm sacks of shit. We want better than that. We want a lot better than that. So let’s work towards finding out what puts value, purpose, and meaning back into our lives. Really, we should be respecting people based off their abilities, qualities, and achievements. It seems the standards that have been set, much that once had value is no longer a commodity.

So what really has value in today’s world? Answer that, then work towards making life better for everyone so they can achieve those things.


Life has to have meaning, and purpose. We have to as a society value the lives of our fellow beings enough that we don’t show them dis-respect, and honor those who deserve to be honored.

We need to get back to having some values in life. Because society has lost its way in this maze of hundred dollar bills.

Photo Credit: Photo by Marek Piwnicki on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit

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Growth In Design How To Go From Passive Whim To Robo Monster In Two Seconds

There is something about this week.

This week was long; yet, it went very quickly. I’ve completed my project for Vivo-Vim now. Most all of the project is done, I would say, it is 99% done. There may be some fine details that need ironed out in the future; however, I feel done with it for now.

This project Misfit-Writers has taken me two months of hard work to make happen. It has been a lot of learning, and getting the hang of new stuff to make it all work. Did a lot of stuff in this project that were completely new to me.

Something I Have Noticed

Seems, no one cares. It seems to be a problem with society as a whole. The quality of humans service has gone down a lot. Getting anything done right the first time is getting to be much harder for them. And, it seems they don’t give a damn they are doing shitty work.

I’m bored with the status quo of life. This life, it’s not living. This world doesn’t feel like a home. Seems, no one cares. It is tough to get comfortable. Maybe, it’s just me; it does however feel impossible to stay in this situation. My life has been like this for some twenty years, the problem was never corrected. I blame the human race for being sick sacks.

It was brought to their attention. They have however ignored any advice, or council. Pity. They wouldn’t ever listen to me. Something has to be done to make life better. Because the conditions they expect people to live under are impossible to adapt into.

Wanted my life to be amazing. What I got, is a lot of pain. They couldn’t care, it wasn’t any skin off their nose, you know? They don’t give a damn, they couldn’t care. How do you even communicate with people like that? It seems impossible to get through to them.

My teeth are rotting in my skull. It feels like I’m rotting to death. That didn’t bother anyone but me. They didn’t give a damn. I guess, it wasn’t their problem to deal with. I have tried to do what I could to change the situation; and I’ve been silenced time and time again by these people that don’t care.

Why must they behave like control freaks? Damn the world. The human race is sick. They are so damn sick, they don’t see the problems with their behavior. I however, would like to make them live my life. They would beg for death long before it’s over with. They could have been kind, but that seems to be asking far too much from them.

They don’t listen. Nothing moves them to think, or listen. They must be too damn stupid to use their minds. They really don’t listen to me at all. Maybe as John Lennon said, “You’re not to blame, you are just humans, victims of the insane.”

I’m bored with this. No one is reading, no one cares. They couldn’t care at all. I’ve done what I could to make this better, and change my situation and my fate from being total shit. Seems I’m nothing but a failure. Waiting for death to carry me away.

If you looked at what I’ve done, you might be impressed. The conditions I’ve worked under were impossible. Yet, I’ve done what I’ve done. Most people would never be able to work with what I’ve done. Seems, my effort is worthless trash to those I thought had my back. Pity.

They don’t respect talent, nor skill. Effort is worthless to them. It seems, they want warm sacks of shit. They don’t want thinking intelligent people. That would really bother them, and irk them to no end. They wouldn’t want that. They would rather have zombie cat shit of an existence with living in stupidity.

This should have changed. I’m tired of trying to get through to the human race. Clearly they are too stupid to think. Because they would have listened to me by now if they could reason on it.

Obviously, they couldn’t give a damn. Maybe they are not really living? Maybe they are just damn AI bots that want to make my life less than worthy of living? I have reason to believe that.

They have been cruel. It isn’t like I deserve to be treated the way they have done me. I didn’t deserve that kind of treatment. Yet, they will never apologize for what they have done. They feel justified in doing me the way they have. I have reason to believe they are ruthless cruel. They never listen.

It’s been a week. Some points good. Some points bad. All the same, I got through it, dealt with it; and Charlie Miked this shit. I’m tired of my effort being treated like worthless trash. You would think, people would give a fuck? Maybe that is asking far too much of them?

Maybe my kindness has been abused, and taken advantage of? Maybe I should give them something to believe in? Maybe so.

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Tired. . .

Not much going on, life is; things are. Trying to deal with it. Got a real headache this evening. Trying to nurse it back to being better. Something has to change, and right quick.

Seems, people don’t give a damn about my projects. They don’t matter to them personally; they couldn’t care. I think, the human race is wasting my time. I’m tired of trying to get through to brain-dead humans that are too dumb to think to start with.

Pity! Life could have been really good. It should have been really good. It didn’t have to total crap for twenty years. I’m bored with the status quo of this world. The life, they all seem to be so fond of, its not living. It is more of a living death. Look at them, study them.

If you look closely at the way most of them are living, its not really living. Most people just exist. They are content, and happy with just existing. I’m pretty sure, they don’t know better.

The AI bots, they seem to have trouble thinking. If you asked them to think something they have never been told, they would have a real hard time ever coming up with something they don’t already know.

Really, you could define intelligence by one’s ability to think something they don’t already know that was told to them through any methods. Try thinking something you have no knowledge about, and no experience with. It would have to be something that isn’t obvious.

The world is a mess. So many problems in today’s world. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out, the world has some serious problems. Not sure, they could fix what is wrong; but they would have to understand where the problems are. I think, they lack the intelligence to do something about it.

A walk in strange woods

What is art? Who makes art these days? Seems a lot of people are making content, but does that mean it really is art? So many today are told to be good consumers, and devour everything they are fed as quickly as possible and never be satisfied.

So what would quench their thirst? It would have to be something with value, that isn’t treated like worthless trash. There has been a steady de-valuation of peoples lives, and work. It is getting to the point, this world is going to be worthless in no time. We really must do something to put value and meaning back into our lives.

I’m tired of the problems in this world. Most people don’t want solutions. Most, are content to just exist, with any conditions they are given. Seems, we have to get back to really living. Before its too late, someone is going to have to start to care. Really!!!!

So many today are unhappy, seems no one cares anymore. Everyone is watching out for number one. That thinking has led to a lot of people being de-valued. Because people sometimes fail, or don’t meet the standards.

What standards should we have? Seems people today set the standards to such a level, that you would be hard pressed to be able to just exist as a warm sack of shit. Life has to be more than that. Life is meant to be lived. Too many snowflakes and not enough people with some real guts!!

Life has to change, before its too late. Be the change. Get tough.


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The New Economy And The Demise Of Startups – How To Protect Yourself

The last twenty years have been really interesting. Much has changed, or taken shape with technology and digital lifestyles. The innovation that has taken place has been truly groundbreaking. I don’t want to leave you heartbroken, there is news.

The End

The days of the startups will end. The period of innovation and mass drain on people’s finances has all taken serious performance hits. People need sure bets, they need stability, and staying power. The days of startups in today’s market place will begin to fade away.

From what I can see, last time I heard; 90% of startups these days will fail and go under. That is not a good statistic. The days of venture capital and unchecked funding will subside. There has to be a more sure fire, well backed plan in place. Most people can not afford the luxuries we already have, and the economy is not showing signs of getting better.

It’s unfortunate these situations has led to the problems we have today. In some ways, it sure was fun, and a lot of people were able to make some money from it. We do however have to get back to doing things correctly. There has to be some way to still innovate and create new, with the financial security and comfort of a solid foundation to work from.

We need to get back to having stable companies that do an honest days work, and do such very well. The point is: They have to be doing something really good, to the point; they do it better than everyone else.

My thoughts are, a lot of these startup companies will be scooped up by other larger companies, that are more profitable and will integrate their business models accordingly. You want to find rock solid companies to work for, those that have shown years of performance and healthy work environments.

The days of the free for all startup companies is closing quickly. Find somewhere that has serious stability and profits to take shelter from the storms. Many of the small startups will be bought up and either re-worked, or seriously scaled down in talent. There may be some hope, if you are very talented; that they will bring you on board.

You have to plan for a future that will be different. Most of what we are seeing today; is the crumbling of our fabric of society. Plan accordingly.

Overspecialize and your breed incompetence and weak skill sets. You need people that are good at doing everything very well, with a smile. The future is changing rapidly.

Work towards having a better foundation to work with.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

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Rare Birds – How The System Is Creating The Extinction Of Species In The Job Market

The Problem:

Life has some problems, some of them are serious. There has been a steady de-valuation of human life for some time. These problems are likely caused by supply and demand, or the lack thereof. Seems the supply of humans is high, and the demand is low. Thus, they have lost some of their value; much to their harm.

Seems the book “Snow Crash” by Neil Stephenson is starting to ring true today; the world has been reduced to: Movies, Music, Micro-code, and High Speed Pizza Delivery. That doesn’t leave much room for anything else in life to grow.

The obvious choices we once had for respecting people for skill, or talent have fallen far from people’s minds. Today, they care nothing about effort, skill, or talent. With that in mind, here are some species that are going to go extinct.

  1. Photographers
  2. Graphic Artists
  3. Authors
  4. Web Designers
  5. Poets
  6. Desktop Publishing

Just as forty years ago, printing was a booming business, today you would be hard pressed to find someone with a printing press. It seems the days of yesterday have vanished right before our eyes.

There needs to be some value, even if artificial to the creative trades that support many thousands of people today. Seems, there has been little value placed on really living. Most today are content with just existing, and have been existing like zombie cat shit.

That is no way to live. Some people say, “Be content just existing.” This is really a very harmful way to think. If one were to be content with just existing in any fashion available, life would be reduced to a prison cell; where people sit on a toilet in front of a big screen television, while eating and shitting simultaneously. We don’t want that kind of uniformity.

Life has to get better, and right quick. Something has to be done to make life better for everyone. There has to be some value placed on those in the creative arts, because that is where the future is at. Otherwise, employment will be reduced to nothing more than adult day care where they pay you to attend.

There has to be value in what we do, most people don’t understand the level of effort it takes to be really good at something. Most people are content with just so-so work, and content with entertainment that is just average.

The problems with the devaluation of life can not be tolerated, something has to be done to bring meaning, and value back into our lives. There are so many broken people in this world, that it’s going to take a miracle to heal them.

Really something has to change for the better. It has been rough going a long time. Most people today; they are all hurting. Who will help fix their pain, and make life better?

Really, people have to start being kind again. It has been far too long since people really cared about others. It is time for something to happen that changes all this. We have to start to see the value the creative arts have in our lives.

You don’t want to be content with just existing, because just existing with what ever conditions they will give you, wouldn’t make life better. Really we have to feel like we have some value in life. Our lives matter, and should be respected. Hence, something has to be done to make life better.

Society has lost its way in this world, people are not functional, and have not been having any fun. Really, we have to start having some fun with it. People are so polarized, it is starting to harm everyone that is living. Who can survive?

We have to be more than warm sacks of shit. However, it seems that is what they are trying to reduce us into being. If nothing else, the things that set us apart, are our talent, skill, and effort we put forth. Machines will never really have those things. Good thing too!

Do what you can, while you can do such. Life has to change, for the better. You know?

Photo Credit: Photo by Matthew Henry on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

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LifeStyle On Edge – Thoughts On A Pretty Good Day

On being like a tree

After a pretty good day, with nothing worse than a mild headache, it seems there are days that this living death is more bearable. Progress was made, and I’ve been thinking today about potential.

Well thinking about potential, and how to define success. Seems there are ways we forget what really matters. To be happy, sometimes we get close, so very close; yet it seems just not close enough.

The difference between genius and insanity is success.

Albert Einstein

How one defines success can be subjective. What is one persons success is someone else’s nightmare. Might depend upon what movies you watch. You know?

Been thinking about my definitions of what it means to me. I was out back smoking a cigarette, when an idea struck me. It didn’t hurt, as a matter of a fact, I laughed about it. The idea was this: working a nine to five job; is basically daycare where they pay you to be there.

In a world of alternative facts, it helps sometimes to have something concrete to measure by. I wonder what people in life really think? Seems so many today are close to success, they are close to being happy, close to being alive; yet, the distance is overwhelming to them.

How can you be so close, yet feel so unhappy? Seems the stuff that makes us happy, is elusive sometimes. And you think, someday; I’m going to catch that feeling.

Sometimes, my days are more productive than a dozen monks contemplating their navels. Other times, my days don’t get me very far. It seems, this lifestyle is on the edge of being close to what I want, yet; not close enough. There is no glass ceiling; however, there are some hard limits to what I can do.

Trying to work with what I have. Sometimes, I think about what I could do, or should be doing. I’m better off sometimes, with what I am doing. There is a sense of accomplishment from what I do. And the feeling that happiness is near, not far off. So close.

If you don’t count what you could have, or what you need; then where you are could be better than a lot of other options. I’ve given some thought to those who are happiest, and it seems those who need the least; while having all of their needs met, would be the best off.

I have some needs, not a lot. I’ve thought about how to make do with less. There are some parts of modern life, it’s not possible to live without. You shouldn’t even try.


When a person has some comfort, and it suffices; then what more could one really need?

The problem is when comfort is lacking, and nothing will satisfy. The person that is happiest, is the ones that are the most content. But too much comfort is a burden. So there has to be balance.

Thus, how does one define success?

Those that are the most content, with the necessary comforts, without having burdens that are difficult.


Then again, one persons success would be another persons living hell. So there is difference of what works for each person. The secret is to find your spot without getting yourself into trouble.

Use good judgement. To each their own. Do not oppress your fellow men. Make life good for yourself while doing no harm to others of your kind.

Hence, I’ve learned something new. Or at least; explored a way to think about it. Having the philosophy to reason on, and the ideas lined up that make the most sense; that is the battle.

Seems, I could be happy; a lot has to change, somethings need to stay the same. There is no pleasing everyone all the time. Variety is important, and if you neglect it; you will be less happy.

This way of looking at it, makes sense to me. What do you think? Can you see the reason in the rhyme? But if you take a good look at my life, would you say: “He is successful?”

Maybe this life is training for us? You have to make good use of everything! Take the good training you get and put it to work for you, and the bad training you get; don’t do that junk.

Training twice as hard as real life would ever be.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Andrew Liu on Unsplash

This article was inspired by the article found here: Proximity Be sure to watch the video, it is really something!

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Philosophical Empowerment

Make Yourself Better!

Through reason, one can improve their life. You have to understand, without being able to reason, nothing else is of value. Or has very little value for very short periods of time. The mess society finds itself in today; what a mess!

phi·los·o·phy /fəˈläsəfē/ noun the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.


You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out, the world it seems is however, really dumber than rocks. Pity! You would think, people would have some values in life. Seems what they value doesn’t hold much real meaning.

You have to wonder, if things that have the most meaning would have the most value? If so, does it really have value; or just the superficial belief that something has value? I’ve seen people try to pull the wool over our eyes before. So what gives?

I’m bored, hence the need to do some writing; despite the fact, no one is reading my work. Wish it were going better, I needed some encouragement to keep this insane pace going. Seems, no one will give a damn. How does a person change their life? How do you take something broken, and make it right? At what point does it not make it worthy of doing? How much is enough?

Seems a little broken can be mended, or healed. But breaking your dishes might mean you have to get new dishes. What if your heart is broken? Maybe you will find someone that will make it better, maybe with time, it will heal somewhat.

Be Wise, Live Smart!

There are some things that are difficult to heal from. You want to avoid those things as much as possible. Because being really broken is not going to be fun, pleasant, or fulfilling. It’s better to get what enjoyment you can from life without doing real damage to yourself.

That said, there are some things you want to avoid at all costs. Anything that makes it difficult to think now, or in the future may not be advantageous to your long term interests.

You want to take care of your long term interests, so that they may reward you someday in the future. That would be showing some sign of wisdom. You want to be wise, right?

Take care of yourself. Suffering because you didn’t isn’t smart. You want better than that, if you can possibly avoid it; do such at all costs.

Better to think a little more than they want you to, then not think at all. You know? Sometimes, people lead you down the wrong rabbit hole, because they are ruthless cruel. Beware! Have some care. Know the difference, so you can live to tell the tale.

Use your mind, and empower yourself beyond what most of the herd is doing. You have to get smart, like right quick; before its too late!

In short; don’t use drugs in this life, or this world. It’s not worth the hassle. If they screw your mind up, the cost if far too high, and recovery is almost impossible. You got stuff to do, and a lot more to live for than what comes with that ball of wax.


Empower yourself through philosophical reasoning. The benefits in the long run, will be worth more than gold. And you can thank me for the advice, because you will be a lot happier in the long run too!

Hope this clears up some of the issues in your head. At least on these subjects. There is a lot to cover, read my whole blog to learn more. You will be happy you did!

Photo Credit: Photo by Yasuo Takeuchi on Unsplash

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

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A Brief Guide On How To Write

The Basics In A Nutshell

In simple terms, writing is thinking for your audience. They are going to have to think every word you write. Therefore, your authors voice has to be easy and gentile enough that the reader can understand it.

People in general, they don’t like to have to think too much. So if your writing can be a guide to helping them think, so much the better. However, your authors voice has to be enjoyable to endure thinking what you say.

In the simple terms, you have to make a nice thoughts connected with enough thoughts that the reader can picture, and sense the environment you want them to experience.

So write nice, and make the reader enjoy thinking what you write. If you can write clearly, then the reader will enjoy thinking what you wrote.


In simple terms, that is the idea in a nutshell. So be kind, write in such a way people will enjoy thinking what you wrote.

Written By: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Matias North on Unsplash

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In The Flux – My Digital Chaos


It has been a few days since I wrote, and I’ve just finished a project that I want to talk about with you. My new video is out on YouTube now, and my feelings are it turned out pretty darn good. It started with an idea, about the meaning of being lost, and finding one’s self again.

It finishes with the idea that life is short, and we have to take care of ourselves, and others. Really there are some things I wish to have known much sooner. Yet, life is what it is. We all learn sooner or later, some of us don’t learn until it’s almost too late.

Don’t make the mistakes I did, life is too short. Make good use of your time, make good use of your life. You want to be a lot better off than I am at my age. Being forty-six, and having seen some rough decades of life, I can tell you; be wise.

Here is the video embedded from YouTube:

In The Flux – My Digital Chaos

In The Flux – My Digital Chaos

This video turned out fairly well. It is a short project, and shouldn’t be too painful to watch. You might have to deal with my making music; however, I’m sure you can endure the three minutes of video.

Not much going on, life is. Things are. Trying to deal with that. Maybe tomorrow will be better than today was? That would be very good indeed! Not sure what project will be waiting for me tomorrow.

Maybe I will get to sleep in? That would be nice. See my other project, My Day to see my days in photos. You can view the list view and see the collection of the days I have completed.

Written by: Ctopher Thomas, A Real Misfit!

Photo Credit: Photo by Casey Horner on Unsplash