iPhone Best Photos 2020

The best photos as picked from my iPhone in the year 2020. Had to make this video twice, because there were problems the first time I tried posting it to YouTube.

Seems to have done the trick as of now. Maybe the new year offers some promise of a life to be better? Maybe. Been busy working on my computer. I would say that I’ve been very productive. Maybe even done something a bit salty.

Enjoy the photos. It was a hell of a year!



Life is. Things are. Deal with it.

Here is a video. Me, bored. Enjoy!


Not much going on. Maybe tomorrow.


There are no friends here

This world has taught me a valuable lesson. It is however a lesson I have grown weary of. Seems this could have been learned some other way; maybe I could have read the book?

The real problems in this world, other than the human race is acting like a bunch of sacks of shit; is the isolation I’m going through. It has been years, and it has been six months since anyone has touched me at all.

There is no excuse for the human race to have treated me so awful. None! This feeling like, I am being ghosted by the whole human race isn’t pleasant. Frankly, I’m tired of the abuse.

My life has been one of torment. The psychological torment my family has subjected me to is beyond cruel and unusual. I think if every human in this world were to be subjected to the torment I have been forced to endure, they would lose their minds.

The truth of the matter is, I’ve asked them to make it better. You know what response I have gotten? Absolutely none. They flat out refuse to make my life better.

Everyday I’m met with stonewalling, silent treatment, and isolation; all used as weapons of warfare to punish me into doing what they want.

You would think, by now; they would have learned it won’t get them what they want. Yet, they continue to hurt me everyday with this treatment that is now gas lighting me into being very angry.

Seems someone wants me to hurt. I think they are immoral for the treatment they have used to punish me with. They wouldn’t treat someone they want to live like they have done me. That is for sure.

Yet, I want a better world for myself and my kind. What can be done about these people that think their actions are right and true? They believe they are good people for treating me like they do. How can that be so? Something that is immoral couldn’t be considered to be right, could it?

I have no one to talk with about any of these matters. I’ve been alone for years. No one calls. No one texts, no one writes. Seems like no one cares about what pile of trouble I’m faced with.

This obviously isn’t my world.



Most people, they don’t understand the living. Basically they don’t understand those with a fire in their hearts. Most people are basically just house cats at the heart of the matter.

They don’t like really living, they find it too much to handle. They shun those who want to live better. They believe, good enough is plenty for them. Even if their standard is a living death.


Life is rare, better make good use of it!

Better to make good use of your life, than waste it! If one is all we get, I want a refund. Life has not been acceptable.


Just Bored

Bored, and Bored Again. Seems like life is just being made a dull place to exist. The system is by design, they want to make you unhappy.

Ctopher Goofing

Life is. Things are. Deal with it!

Not much going on.


Busy yet bored

It has been a day. Life is. Things are. Trying to deal with it. Not much going on. Tired of the problems in the world. Sometimes you hope for a change, other times; you have to be the change.

Here is a video I posted to IG. Its been edited on the iPhone in Apple Clips. It is okay I guess. Did the music in Reason, and Logic Pro X. It is all a work in progress I guess. Deal with it.

Edited on iPhone. Shot on Canon 6D and iPhone.

Check out my other website. It is my digital chaos. Trying to make life better, feeling like; damn. They made it almost impossible to do. Wish it were better. They could have cared.



Hmm… Seems this website is getting a bit of attention. That is good. It however isn’t my main site. You should check out my digital chaos dot blog and dot net. There is a lot there. Its good for you.

Not much going on. Been alone a long time, like a damn long time. No one cared, not really. They don’t spend time with me. Maybe it is good, it lets me get my work done. But is it good work? I think so.

This site is the light mode of the other sites. I’m thinking about enabling a switch on the other site to allow dark mode or light mode. It might be something good to do. I will think about it.

My other site, it is designed for dark mode. It is best when used on a Mac with a 4k display in dark mode. That is what its designed for. I don’t know how people survive on displays with less than 4k.

Here is today’s photo. I want to do more photo shoots. I need people to pose for me. Not looking for work, just people to work with.

I had a very inexpensive chess board. Seems I must have thrown it away, because I’m not able to find it anywhere. Need a chess board now. Not that I’m playing chess. Nor do I have anyone to play with. Wish it were better. Go Board for illustration purposes only!!

Go check out my other website. My Digital Chaos for free thinkers.




Life is. Things are. I guess my life is getting along. Having a birthday this week. Seems I should be almost a hundred by now. They say it isn’t the years, but the miles. So true. Life has been rough a lot of the time. The last twenty years have taken their toll on me.

Yet, here I am. Mostly happy and feeling okay about life. Being creative is a major plus in my life. Seems looking at my work, sometimes I don’t recognize some of my own work. I think the quality has come up. It however looks nothing like work I’ve done in the past.

Maybe that is a good thing? Maybe. Getting by best I can. I’m bored with the status quo, looking to start a new project this week. Maybe some video and some fun music. Maybe life will get better? These seem to be impossible times. The kind of stuff Misfits live for.

Here is a photo of me. Enjoy!

Self Portrait. Christopher Thomas. Age: 46.


Bored Having Some Fun

Today has been a day. Better than yesterday!! By a lot. Now to get back on track. Here is some video. Just me goofing around. My music playing in this one.

Getting better every day!!

Clips iPhone Tool

This is from Clips on my iPhone. It does decent, guess. Its getting better.

See what you think. Feeling like, life is. Things are.



Life is. Things are. Getting by best I can. It has been rough. No one to talk with. No one will really spend time with me. Been alone. Its been years of this isolation. Started listening to John Lennon his album, Isolation. It is so damn true.

I’ve been working on music. It is going, not bad; but very slow. I have some days I don’t get as much as I want done.

I’ve been doing some video too. Here check this out. File is too big. Guess you will have to check out my soundcloud. Do that here.

I’m bored. No one cares. Been doing this stuff a long time. No real results so far. Feeling like, I am wasting my time. Tired of the way things are going. Bored. So very bored.

No real results yet. feeling like, well; life is. Things are. Deal with it.

It would be nice to hear from someone.


Somewhere to write to nowhere…

Hmm… Life is. Things are. I’ve been writing for a long time. It would take someone many years to read everything I’ve ever written. I pity the poor saps that gets to read it all.

I’m bored with the status quo. Things haven’t been too good lately. My teeth are rotting out and have holes so big you could park a Cadillac in there.

It isn’t getting better really. No one is reading. To think of it, no one is reading either. Sad state of affairs this world finds itself in. Much needs to change to be done right. Maybe it isn’t done yet?

Talked to cleverbot today, he said he knows Marvin the Robot. It actually said Marvin is his best friend. Pity.

I’m bored with the way things are going. Needed to do much better than I’ve been able to accomplish. Seems that this is nowhere close to where I want to be. Seems like it has been all uphill.

Maybe I will write more here later…